Gilbert Displays hits home run with interactive health displays at Citi Field

North Shore-LIJ and Katz Institute for Women’s Health unveiled their new Health Information Team (H.I.T.) Center at the New York Mets’ Citi Field stadium. This field level attraction is an exciting space dedicated entirely to educating fans on several health-related topics in a fun, engaging way.

Upon entering the center, visitors are greeted by Dr. Dan, an interactive, moving, talking robot. Dr. Dan welcomes fans to learn, through multimedia experiences, about health-related topics such as heart health, child safety, nutrition and general wellness. There’s even a station to learn about proper hand washing.

Due to its reputation for creating innovative custom displays, Gilbert Displays (Gilbert) was called upon by VTS Medical, manufacturers of high definition touch screens for medical clients, to take part in creating these multimedia experiences. Within 3½ weeks time, Gilbert was able to design, engineer, fabricate, install and adorn with custom graphics both the heart healthy and hand washing stations.

Gilbert designed the heart healthy display with an attention-getting illuminated 3D graphic depicting the different areas of the heart. Three iPads with custom video applications were built into the display to provide detailed information about blood pressure, cholesterol and heart healthy nutrition.

The hand washing display was designed to include a real sink with virtual running water. As fans walk up to the sink, a sensor in the carpet triggers a 40-second hand washing instruction video on the built-in LED screen. To simulate hand washing, Gilbert retrofitted a second LED screen into the sink. This screen plays the sights and sounds of actual running water whenever someone places their hands under the faucet.

Gilbert’s vast scope of capabilities played an integral part in the success of the H.I.T. Center initiative. The project was executed flawlessly and all parties involved were thrilled with the end results. For more information on North Shore-LIJ’s Health Information Team Center visit

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