Two weeks from paper to show floor. Gilbert Displays builds PixelOptics emPower booth in record time.

PixelOptics officially launched their new revolutionary eyewear, emPower, this past March at Vision Expo East 2011. emPower is an electronic focusing eyewear that enables wearers to switch between two different prescriptions, one for close proximity and another for distance. The technology powering PixelOptics new release is considered breakthrough so its launched needed to be sensational. Gilbert Displays (Gilbert) and PixelOptics concluded it called for a spectacular new booth branded specifically for emPower.

In addition to being spectacular, PixelOptics new exhibit served as an interactive experience for show visitors. Gilbert designed a 22’ x 70’ exhibit dividing it into three sections by two curved archways accented with eye-catching fluorescent green lighting. Visitors entered the exhibit and encountered a self-service introduction area where they could educate themselves about the emPower eyewear via touch screen technology. At the center of the exhibit visitors could actually experience the glasses, which were presented atop of three illuminated 4 ft. displays. The rear section of the booth served as an events area where press conferences were held, bands played and food was served. There was even a photo booth complete with green screen for visitors to take pictures and create flipbooks as mementos.

With only two weeks until show opening, Gilbert Displays’ task at hand was to construct the 22’ x 70’ exhibit designed for PixelOptics. Construction crews worked with a sense of urgency around the clock and throughout weekends to meet this deadline.

Despite the tight time frame, Pixel’s new booth was ready for show opening on March 18, 2011. The emPower launch was a success, the booth was a success and PixelOptics was thrilled with the results. Mission accomplished!

About Gilbert Displays

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