Marchon captivates Vision Expo attendees with amazing LED video arc


When Marchon challenged the Gilbert Displays (Gilbert) team to design something awe-inspiring for their Vision Expo East 2011 exhibit, the result was a magnificent, custom-built LED video arc that towered 17 feet in the air.  Unlike a typical big screen, this dazzling creation curved and extended more than 24 feet overhead.

This breathtaking A/V element and its accompanying upbeat music and mesmerizing imagery drew visitors to the booth, where they stood entranced and excited to see what would appear next. One moment the screen would engulf the exhibit in flames and the next, morph into running water. This was truly a spectacular sight!

A video screen that bends? Never before had such a level of A/V innovation been brought to this show. The powering technology is called digiFLEX a unique, rubber-based LED video skin.  High-quality, lightweight LEDs are mounted onto rubber tile making it possible to bend and mould around just about any shape.  Magnetic backing on each tile made it easy to attach to Gilbert Displays’ custom-engineered steel truss.

Reasonably, constructing this massive structure did not come without its share of challenges. For starters it required a 2-part installation process, which consisted of first building and assembling the structure, and then applying the screen, which consisted of 825 LED tiles. After rigorous testing of the audio/visual equipment, the structure was ready to be disassembled for packing. Only the tiles covering the joints of the truss were removed in order to save time and avoid the tedium of reapplying all 825 tiles at show site.  Temporary wood guards were installed on top of the screen for protection, and the video arc was packed onto special steel dollies for transport.

Installation of the LED wall at show site was strategically planned and carried out.  Each section of the truss was treated with the utmost care and attention, painstakingly unpacked and laid on the wood guards screen side down. After the truss was reconstructed, 8 rigging chains were attached to key points of the backside of structure to delicately raise the LED wall off the ground. The remaining sections of LED tiles were applied and integrated seamlessly with the audio/visual system.  Due to precise engineering and detailed planning, Gilbert’s team executed the installation flawlessly.

Adding this show-stopping LED arc proved to be triumphant for Marchon. Visitors were drawn to the booth and Marchon was able to engage them through targeted branding messages in an innovative and exciting way. The Marchon exhibit was definitely the place to be at Vision Expo East 2011.

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